Auction Items

Hello! We're auctioning some of our shoes to help free up storage in our production space (and of course recover some of our costs), so we are SLOWLY putting up some items on auction. :)



These are items that are either samples, unclaimed shoes, unapproved or wrong specification prototypes, or old stocks. Most are in great (or even perfect) condition, but some might have some imperfections (due to storage or just minor defects). If it's for a sample for brand that we have formerly manufactured for, we have taken out the logos.

We have put very fair starting bid prices per category of shoes (as low as Php250 and a max of Php1900 for those with carved heels).  Please note that all items are priced at least  1/4 to 1/8 of its original price. 

We also have a few items with a starting bid of Php50 that we are just basically giving away due to various reasons.

It's also our first time doing an auction on Shopify, so kindly be patient as we try to also learn this method as well. :) 

To help manage your expectations, we have included photos and descriptions per shoe. Happy bidding! 

*If you have any questions, it's easiest to reach us on instagram: @risquedesigns


Please note that all prices are exclusive of delivery fees.