Everything Must Go! (Pay-what-you-want Shoe Auction)

We're looking to clear up some space in our production studio / office, so we'd appreciate your help in giving new homes to our shoes! To make it more fun, we're doing a pay-what-you-want shoe auction for these items. But of course, there would still be a starting bid for every product type. 

Please manage your expectations, some shoes may have minor scuffs and imperfections (which we'll include in photos of each item). 

It's also our first time doing this, so kindly be patient with us as we smoothen the kinks of the bidding system. 


  • The auction is open from < > to < > 11:59pm
  • Each product type has a starting bid
    • Slippers and sandals - Php200
    • Mules - Php 250 
    • Closed Shoes - Php 300
    • Stilettos, block heels and wedges - Php 400
    • Boots - Php 500
    • Carved heels - Php 1,500
  • You may increase your bid at Php50 increments 
  • Auction for item will close if you bid the Buyout amount
  • You can bid again if someone outbids you
  • We will message you once the auction closes and you've won some items

Sorry, there are no products in this collection