Order your own design

The steps for manufacturing your own designs are:

1. Prototyping - We will be creating the first pair that follows your design specifications. This involves product development and therefore has the same price as a made-to-order pair. 

2. Sampling (optional) - Samples can be requested if you want the prototyped design to be made in different colors or sizes before full production. The price for this is lower than the prototype fee. You may or may not request for samples.

3. Production - This is when we create your designs in different sizes and/or colors. Our minimum is 20 pairs that can be split into 2 colorways. The sizes are up to you. We follow US Sizing standard. 

Note: Lead time for any part of the process is dependent on your design, quantity and current production facility load when your order has been made. 


The steps for personal use custom shoe designs are:

1. Take photos of your feet for your measurements (don't be shy of your feet!)

  • Use the centimeter side of the measuring tape
  • Take photos for both feet
  • Please follow this template:
  • Please send the actual photos so we have it for reference

2. Email us your design with your name, contact number and delivery address. If you have requests for materials, color, etc, please also mention them so we can factor them in the costing. 

3. Please send to risquemanufacturing.ph@gmail.com

4. We will contact you for the next steps