Tips & Recommendations

How many designs should I start with?

Try not to go overboard when it's your first time to start a shoe business. A good number to start with is 3 to 5 designs, with maximum of 2 colorways. You can always introduce new designs for your next collections. Best to start lean and then expand your offerings once you've understood your target market more. 


What size should my logo be?

Think about how your logo will look like on the insole (where you step on) of your shoes. Usually, the stamp for your logo should be around 1.5x1.5 inches. Be mindful of your font and the thickness of the lines on your logo -- they should 


What designs are easy to sell?

Flat shoes are the easiest shoes to sell. When it comes to heels, block heels are usually easier to sell than stilettos. 


What are the most common shoe sizes for Filipinos?

For women, it's US sizes 6 to 9. For men, it's sizes 8 to 10. However, you would still encounter clients with either smaller or bigger sizes. What you can do when you already start doing bigger production quantities is to increase the quantity for more common sizes and just limit the quantity for the others. 


Why is it that a lot of shoe brands have different fit for shoe sizes? 

A lot comes into play when it comes to fit. Although sizes should be standard, it doesn't mean that the different manufacturers are following the proper sizing standards. Each shoe manufacturer uses different sets of shoe lasts (mold of the shoes) and may also have different widths and fit for different shoe styles. It's always best to ask for a prototype first to check the fit of the shoes. You can also request for a custom shoe last from your manufacturer. 


What causes higher production costs for shoes?

Three things: design, materials and quantity. Flats are cheaper and faster to make than heels. More components and colors make designs more expensive to make. Fewer production quantities also cause higher production costs. Most importantly, your choice of materials matter, especially if you're choosing between real versus synthetic/man-made leather. 


Real leather vs. synthetic leather?

Real leather comes from animal hides and skins, while synthetic leather is a substitute for leather made of man-made materials. Both materials have their own pros and cons, and would also appeal to different people based on the values they advocate for. Real leather tend to be more expensive but lasts longer than synthetic leather if maintained properly. However, there are animal-rights advocates and vegan clients that are against the use of any leather products. Try to understand first the market you’re trying to attract and decide what kind of materials you’ll want to use for your shoes. 

P.S. We make shoes using either real or synthetic leather, as well as textiles


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